I just read a great article, A lesson in creating successful companies that care . The Pandemic helped to uncover this, but we really already knew this!
In my experience, companies with leaders who care create cultures of empowered teams, and when combined with strategic planning, win in their marketplace.
This is a Stretch for many of our clients AND is becoming more and more critical! Here are 4 activities Altruistic companies share:
  • Socially oriented and inspiring corporate vision. The vision serves the greater good and allows employees to personally “own” it.
  • A CEO as a guardian for the vision. The leaders spend lots of time communicating the vision and using it daily in decision-making.
  • Autonomous action. Employees feel empowered to act.
  • Managers acting as servant leaders. Their job is “serving” their teams, removing barriers, and resource allocation.

Read the article  A lesson in creating successful companies that care HERE