Hello friends,

Hope you’re doing well in spite of this roller coaster year. For me, some days are better than others. On Sunday, I was brought to tears hearing a beautiful version of “You are not Alone.”

What prompted my waterworks? I realized how “lonely” we can all feel, especially leaders. I am blessed to work with amazing leaders, but many feel the weight of their company on their shoulders, especially now! Many believe they, alone, should have all the answers.

You shouldn’t and, by the way, no-one expects you to!

You’ve hired good people and they want to help. Strategy is a process to engage your team. A good process involves “Listening and Learning” and discussing your company’s issues.

This year has been packed with change. Most of what we planned was thrown out the window. Strategy tends to be counter-cyclical. When we are in pain, we look for help.

Many business leaders have reached out for help with their 2021 planning. In response, I have pulled together a New Strategic Bootcamp Training to help companies kickstart the new year. The goal is to share key strategic tools and best practices to help your team address the new reality. I’ve also had requests for multiple formats (in-person, virtual via zoom and a digital self-paced) and, most importantly, affordable pricing.

Here is the Training Content and Full Agenda with “all the details” you need, including the format options and tools we will cover. Additionally, we will have a panel of experts to discuss current challenges. I’d love for you to join us, either in-person or via Zoom.

All for one and one for all,


P.S. We’re limiting the in-person training to 15 and only a handful of spots remain. The venue, BOOST, has terrific “distanced” space – check it out here.