Don’t “Trust” your gut, “Test” your gut!

Strategic planning is only as good as the “prepared” minds participating in the process. Our experience is that teams leap into planning and miss the opportunity to learn new information. Facts don’t lie, Feelings do. The key is to challenge our “views” and not feel threatened by “our egos.”

Five takeaways from this free webinar:
1) The difference between Internal and External Analysis
2) The power of a Strategic Survey versus a Satisfaction Survey
3) A tool to analyze the Industry
4) The benefits of a Competitor Analysis
5) List of free online resources to help with Research




Kickstart your Strategic planning! Learn the skills you need to strategically grow your business, team or department in the New Reality. With four self-paced modules in an electronic format, this Bootcamp will equip you with the necessary process and resources to create a winning strategy in this new reality. Many key assumptions have changed, and it is critical to understand why, what, and how to move forward.

During this intense training, you will learn:

  1. The framework and building blocks of creating a strategy to be successful in the new environment.
  2. The integral role of PEOPLE and STRATEGY needed to propel your business or team forward.
  3. The key strategic concepts everyone in your organization or team should know.
  4. The critical external changes due to the Pandemic to address moving forward.
  5. Download training content HERE.



Who: Executives, Leaders and Department Managers who want to win in this new reality.

Why: Grow your strategic capacity to build your business, team, or department.

Price:  $299.

Background:  Learn from Darcy’s 20 years of strategic planning experience customizing strategic planning best practices for growth-oriented, mid-size companies.  Her Strategy in Motionprocess has been used by over 300 clients, many of whom she provided implementation support to deliver 2.2 times the industry’s standard implementation rate (>40% vs <15% of strategic plans that are implemented).

We know companies with a strategy are ...

  • 12% more profitable and 70% of companies with a strategy outperform their competition (Achieve)
  • We also know that most companies fail at execution, <15% of strategic goals are implemented. The key here is “First Who, then What” and helping the team understand the need for change.